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Talent Coordinator – London



The Talent Coordinator is the principal hub of communication for the Company, Talent, Brands/Sponsors, the Media and the Public.


This role requires the ability to be a strategic partner, where agility and thinking independently, analytically, responsibly and creatively are essential. Talent Coordinators curate Talent content from inception to execution which includes: proactively cultivating brand partnerships, analyzing the benefits of strategic partnerships for Talent and Brands/Media, balancing Talent needs and strategic goals with that of the Brand/Media, offering feedback on proposed content to ensure Talent/Brand/Media objectives are being obtained, and fully analyzing and reporting on the Return on Investment (ROI) to internal and external stakeholders.


Reporting into one of Gleam’s Talent Managers you will have the job of supporting the talent on your roster. Specific responsibilities include:


Responsibilities and Accountability:
•Proactively cultivating and maintaining brand partnerships, including establishing relationships with potential strategic partners and media sources
•Analysing the benefits of the strategic partnerships between Talent and Brands/Media and ensuring that all stakeholders are aligned in strategic goals
•Providing real time and detailed feedback on proposed content to ensure Talent/Brand/Media objectives are being obtained
•Reporting on the ROI of various partnerships to internal and external stakeholders and analysing improvements in future partnerships and processes
•Reviewing and negotiating contracts between Talent and Brands/Media to ensure goals are met and terms are satisfactory
•Responsibly and independently managing Talent press and media requests to ensure that Talent’s strategic goals are aligned with that of the Media Source and exercising judgment on what would constitute a successful partnership/collaboration
•Managing and overseeing Talent at events including ensuring that Talent is: attending relevant events that will enhance strategic goals, acting responsibly, interacting with Media/Brand/Public appropriately and effectively, responding to Media/Brand/Public inquiries in an appropriate manner to optimize strategic goals
•Securing speaking opportunities for Talent and liaising with event teams to ensure that the content of any programming is relevant and beneficial to Talent’s brand
•Proactively scouting for and recruiting new talent, including proactively setting up meetings and networking opportunities.


Knowledge and Skills:
•Preparing and presenting detailed case studies and campaign analysis for strategic partnerships including: assessing particular strengths or weaknesses of a particular campaign or partnership, analyzing the ROI for internal and external stakeholders, reviewing and assessing potential issues to improve processes, policies and strategies going forward
•Coordinating with internal and external stakeholders to formulate comprehensive presentations showcasing Talent for bi-annual board meetings
•Using strategic thinking to maintain and update Gleam Futures’ social media platforms and website to maximize Company and Talent’s strategic goals including: showcasing events that are consistent with Talent competencies, aptitudes and accomplishments and with Gleam’s strategic goals
•Reviewing, in detail, proposed brand contracts (including material terms) and handle initial negotiation counter-proposals, with minimal oversight and subject to management approval
•Analyzing and providing accurate and timely information to the finance team through our revenue forecasting systems
•Staying informed of general industry developments to ensure appropriate representation of Talent in the relevant market
•Building Gleam Futures’ profile through preparation of PR and marketing materials
•Effectively managing magazine Editor relationships and relationships with other members of the Media
•Managing any incoming correspondence so that it is dealt with appropriately and in a timely manner
•Capturing and tracking Talent statistics to properly assess success of strategic partnerships.
•Diary management
•Maintaining Talent roster’s travel schedules, arrangements, meetings and schedules for as necessary.
•Preparing call sheets/itineraries for Talent roster as required.
•Updating the Gleam Futures’ website to comport with strategic goals of Company, Talent and Brands.




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